Conscious Entrepreneurs Who Want To Achieve Financial And Emotional Freedom. Join The Environment To Grow To The Next Level.


Conscious Entrepreneurs Who Want To Achieve Financial And Emotional FreedomJoin The Environment To Grow To The Next Level.


M210 is the next step of M1 experience. It is a Program for individuals Who already know the way, they already know what they want, and now are committed to growing their life, businesses and achieving their life dreams. 

Act Now and Get Our 3-Month Men/Women Fully Expressed Pre-Launch Program for $1170 (only $390/month).

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Our Mission
In M210, we are committed to helping you to become a leader, millionaire, and emotional free human.

We connect you with leaders in every area and will use a powerful breakthrough program to achieve your freedom on all levels: master your money and emotions.

We connect you with leaders already achieving 6-figure-success and spiritual freedom who want to help you to grow your business to a million and become free of emotional and survival suffering. 

In M210, we harness spiritual awareness and learn how to play the game of life in order to grow with ease, love, and joy, not with struggling or pushing beyond your limits.

Your 1 Year Program Includes:

  •  90 Days Fully Expressed Challenge With Rock And Rose - 12 Hours Live Coaching ( 3 Months) 
  • ​Specialized Pods And Group Encouragement Weekly
  • ​M210 Self-mastery Program Monthly For 6 Months (One Hour Live Coaching With Rock and Rose)
  • ​M210 Leader Mastery ( 3 Months ) 
  • ​Access To Tribe Information And Millionaires' Experience In Every Area (Monthly Calls)
  • ​Join Experts In Every Area Of Life Once A Month For Their Latest Insights (Crypto, Real Estate, etc)
  • ​Discount For Couples (50% For Additional Partner)
  • ​M210 Points For Activity

Membership for 1 year - $5995 

Pay Today & Receive $1000 Off + $500 Off Any M1 Event in 2022

Pay Today & Receive The 1-Year Program + The Life Design Event


6 Payments of $999

13 Payments of $499

Your program will start with the Life Design event, the most powerful transformational tool of M1.
You will get a 70% discount for live events in Arizona, and a 90% discount for live Zoom with Rock and Rose for 4 days.

Your program will start with the Life Design event, the most powerful transformational tool of M1.
You will get a 70% discount for the live event in Arizona or 
90% discount for live zoom screening with Rock and Rose for 3 days.

Start Your Journey Toward Discovering How To:

  • Increase Your Income by Saving Time & Become Completely Fulfilled
  • Experience the Valuable Advice & Support of Our Community
  • Enhance Your Relationships In and Out of Your Family
  • ​Learn Stress Management & Easy Ways to Overcome Life Challenges
  • ​Harness the Power of Manifestation to Become the Creator of Your Own Life
  • ​Increase Your Awareness as a Conscious Entrepreneur
  • ​Learn the Game of Life & How to Materialize Your Dreams Through Connection to Your Inner Essence & Power
  • ​Expand & Create a Larger Impact on the World with Live & Virtual Events Where We Come Together with Masters in Every Area of Life

The Union of Rock & Rose

We Connect the Mastermind & Spiritual Awakening for Your Ultimate Transformation

We merge the strong analytical mind with spiritual awakening, the masculine with the feminine, and decision with action.

We believe when East meets West, there is a beautiful balance of energy that allows you to harness your inner power and become the creator of your life. 



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Membership for 1 year - $5995 

What They Say About Rock & Rose

What They Say About Rock & Rose

Jeff Cohn is brilliant. Not only how he runs his highly profitable real estate team, but with regard to how he LEARNED to run his real estate team. Jeff flew around the country on his own dime to shadow top performing teams for years. He learned right from the source – and then modeled their systems. But, most importantly, he modeled the behavior of the leader and the office culture he directly experienced. This is what you need to do, too.

Frank Klesitz
Owner, Vyral Marketing

Striving to be an inspiration for others by living an authentic, healthy and epic life, Rock is always seeking new ways to learn and impact others through his speaking engagements and teachings. Dedicated to helping businesses and individuals maximize their full potential, Rock is well versed and qualified.

David Osborntz
Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author

Jeff is singular in this space–no-one I have met has a better approach to real estate sales systems. His willingness to share demonstrates his big vision and abundant thinking. If you want to succeed in real estate, Jeff will show you the path, then its up to you to follow or not.

Paul Morris
Broker, Keller Williams

Rock Thomas challenges long-held notions about what it takes to be successful and offers a solid, well-researched action plan that will help you see the world in new ways and change your life.

Hal Elrod
Bestselling Author of The Miracle Morning

Rozaliya is really here to help end suffering in humans and what she’s doing is really important work. She is a successful entrepreneur herself and the fact that she can take the time out of a busy weekend to spend with 70 plus people so that they can be awakened and transformed is really amazing.

Kalika Yap
Award Winning Business Owner, Author, Podcaster

Rozaliya is powerful. She's a force who blows into your life and transforms it. She does what Tony Robbins does without taking weeks and weeks and session after session--she does it in 3 hours.

Cindy Cowan
Emmy-winning, Oscar-Nominated Producer