We help you identify & activate massive acceleration toward reaching and exceeding your goals. Use real-time accountability and coaching to kick-off and get into the momentum you need to take your money and life to the next level.

We help you identify & activate massive acceleration toward reaching and exceeding your goals. Use real-time accountability and coaching to kick-off and get into the momentum you need to take your money and life to the next level.

Having the tools and resources simply isn’t enough.

The magic takes place in our community of high achievers banding together, supporting each other, and holding each other accountable to break through the barriers and blockades that have been holding them back in order to reach and EXCEED their goals. We provide real-time, accessible accountability, as failure is not an option in our community.
This is YOUR opportunity to finally get the results you've been seeking, get clear on what you want, and why you want it. Together, we'll develop your burning desire to take action and step outside of your comfort zone, no matter what!

I worked 16-hour days for 20 years and had absolutely nothing to show for it. 
I was 30 years old with 30k of debt, living on my mom's couch. I hit rock bottom, but that didn't stop me from becoming a self-made millionaire. 
With the help of a supportive environment and mentorship, my confidence was renewed. I changed the way I saw myself, and beyond that, learned how to invest in myself and create passive income vehicles so that I could live the life I always dreamed of. 
These calls will crystallize your clarity and catapult you into action on live weekly calls to help you break through your road blocks.

Exclusive access to our support team, coaches, and fellow members through our VIP Confidential, Private Facebook Group
Pat yourself on the back by creating a big win in at least one area of your life to celebrate what a badass you really are.

Don't just take it from me. With my help, these people are reaching and exceeding their goals of creating passive income streams and living more fulfilled lives than ever.

"I made a 90 day RRAFT goal to pay off all of my credit cards in full. I had no idea if it was possible and it was a stretch. I'm so grateful and happy to say I paid it all off as of Christmas Eve! Great holiday gift for me! I also was able to join Aaron Velky's Travel hacking course to be more wise and responsible with credit. Here's to a badass 2020 for everyone!"
- Arron Lloyd

"I loved crushing a specific goal, the weekly call, and the accountability partners every week. When I decided that I was going to see a $20K revenue from my business by July 15th, I had NO website and ran on a tight budget. Now, I have 2 online stores and the credit secured to get started. I also found a business partner. Everything is remote, online, and so worth it. The 90 Day Challenge is a great vehicle to get what you want! "

- Marie-Helene Lamarre

"My goal for the 90-Day Massive Action Challenge was to build up my freelance business. Last week a client sent me the single largest paycheck I’ve ever gotten—by far! And I signed a new project with them! Sixty days into the challenge, this already puts me above my freelance income from all of 2019, and we're only 4 months into the year! "

- Rolando Archila
"When I first began the 90 Challenge I wanted to get eyes on what I was doing. What has since happened, I've found the joy in being productive & thinking about how to get the most out of this time. I have come out of my comfort zone and reached out to agencies about my business & had two agencies reach out to negotiate with me. I'm even rewarding myself in ways I find valuable. Thank you Rock Thomas for putting together the 90 day Challenge. "
- Jean Loyd
"My commitment was to house hack; so this week, my goal was to write an offer on a multifamily property. Not only did I achieve my goal, but the offer was actually accepted! This would not have happened this fast if it were not for the 90-day challenge. I hope everyone is getting as much out of this as I am. You get what you put into it! Let's keep pushing and crush our goals. "
- Nicholas Gross
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Are You Ready To Take Your Life and Your Business to the Next Level? 
We help people achieve whole-life millionaire status where you are not just wealthy financially but enjoy abundance in your life as a whole – in your spirit, physical body, and your relationships. Together, we'll explore all facets of success and master them one at a time so you can ROCK YOUR MONEY AND ROCK YOUR LIFE. 
When you're ready to take the next step to exiting the rat race and creating your own personal freedom, join our 90-day challenge. You pick your area of focus. You pick your big goal. You get the feedback you need to get started, kick-start real results, and accelerate momentum so you can create your ultimate success.

We believe in this so much that we are offering $500 of your 90-day challenge purchase as a credit toward your M1 Membership!
For $975 You Get the 90-Day Challenge PLUS these Awesome Bonuses*
The Sunday System for Success is a 7 step process to organize your week in a way that meets your human needs. The quickest way to achieve success is through preparation. Use the system and win back an average of 4-10 hours per week of your time ("PRICELESS").

There are lessons and rules that successful people have mastered that can take a lifetime to learn. The Top 10 Rules of Success gives you instant access to these lessons to push your growth, shift your mindset and inspire you to take massive action in all areas of your life ($300 Value)
At the end of your 90-Day Massive Action Challenge, you will have the option of applying your full investment of this program to your M1 Membership, when you choose to join. To find out more about M1 - click here and discover your tribe of high achievers committed to the path of financial freedom and whole-life fulfillment.
*Access to the Sunday System for Success and Top Ten Rules of Success is only available for the duration of the challenge. To maintain access, join our M1 group or email for more information.

All you have to show us is that you fully went for it, did your homework, and if you're still not satisfied (and you don’t see value in the program), we'll happily return you every cent.

See What My Students Have Said:
“Kris’ real estate program has opened my eyes to so many possibilities! It has taught me how to not only have confidence in myself and my investing abilities, but also the best ways to make deals happen. I came into the program not knowing a thing about real estate, and within weeks I had a deal under contract. It was a lease option for the home I was living in, and they were giving me a $12,000 option payment! Incredible!”
-Chevelle Clement
“When I got started with Kris I made a 90 day goal of making $15,000. On my first deal I was able to get a house under contract using Kris’ system and then I leased it back out for $5,000 down. The tenant pays me $1,300 a month and I only have to pay the owner $800 a month. Thats a $500 cash flow each month.

Then on my second deal I found an owner that wanted to sell fast so I found a solution with a quick fix and flip and made over $50,000 profit in 4 weeks. It was a lot of busy work but I got way past my original goal. Now I am working on a 3rd deal!”
-Brian Rice
"Thanks to Kris Krohn, and the rest of Kris Krohn's Private RE Community. My first investment property will close this Monday. Planning to get a second by the end of the year, and a third next year. I remember one year ago just watching your videos and saying, 'man I wish I could be like Kris'. Now i'm a step closer to saying, "goodbye job!"
-Jermaine-Allen Agustin

“I turned 21 not to long ago and vowed I would become financially independent. I have since bought my first house with a payment of $440 a month. I just got a renter in for 1200 giving me a 760$ a month cash flow!

Kris and his team have been the best mentors I could have asked for. They helped spark a fire inside me. Their system is very self explanatory and as effective as it gets.”
-Mitchell Williams

"I look up to my brother Kris. He's 8 years older than me. I knew I had the same entrepreneurial spirit as him, I just needed access to his system. I got his Lease Option program on my first deal I cash flowed $500 a month and sold it 2 years later for over a $50,000 profit. On my second deal I cleared $800 a month of cash flow and made over $100,000 of profit. I've now gone on to do several more deals. Kris and his program are legit. Brother or not, this stuff works."
-Nik Krohn